Artist’s statement

I am Nikumbila Wimalaratne and am a Professional Artist.  I create art because it adds beauty and colour to the office or the house.  My artist philosophy is that when you do or view art it brings satisfaction to the artist and the viewer.  Art is a good way of conveying the message that there are pleasant surprises in making of art and enjoying it.  Art have been part of my life and self expression since childhood.  My inspiration come from the nature, beauty of animals, flowers, bears, birds and the colour of the sky.  I look at art as a freedom a way of recognizing ideas from the nature.  I pursued my studies and obtained an art diploma.  I love to express myself and convey my art on canvas.  I explore different mediums such as acrylic, watercolours, ink, chalk and oil paint.   My love for art has involved not only my paintings but include my joy to sharing art to people as a freeway to express themselves. 

Areas of interest

  • Fashion

  • Painting

  • Sculpture