Creative Cafe Café Creatif

What is the Creative Café
What is the Creative Café

A multi-faceted creative arts space

In the Wind

In the Wind is an artist’s collective that aims to bring together various artists, writers and performers to talk about and show their work. This is a gathering of people who seek ways to publish writing, show and sell art, and/or prepare performances for the public.

Big Bucket Band

The Big Bucket Band grew out of a music appreciation program set up by Salus Ottawa.
Within a few months, a band formed.    It only exists because of its active and alumni members.

The Café

Creative Cafe Cafe Creatif, now at the Bronson Centre We welcome musicians, poets,   storytellers…to perform in front of an audience and of course, have fun  Le café créatif accueil les musiciens, poètes, conteurs … afin...

Our contributors

Multi-disciplinary artists from across the region

News and events

To meet, to share, to grow

These are the calls of the Creative Cafe Cafe Creatif a multifaceted Creative Arts meeting place.

We call on artists, musicians, writers, performers to display and share their work; provide information on upcoming events and engage the wider public with insight into this vibrant artistic community.