“No one walks alone, we walk with you,” the -Virtual Art in Strathcona Park,

“No one walks alone, we walk with you,” the -Virtual Art in Strathcona Park,

MICA (Mental Illness Caregivers Association) continue to work with the In the Wind Art Collective and other artists to share art, creativity.

Virtual Art in Strathcona Park
We at MICA are pleased to present the Virtual Art in Strathcona Park – Virtual Art In The Park. This is our first foray into the virtual world—we see it as a work in progress that will continue to evolve, with your feedback and from visitors to our virtual event.

Over the next 20 days (22 August to 10 September) we will present a showcase of arts and crafts, introduce organizations that offer support and services to caregivers and their loved ones living with mental illness, share information about MICA projects, and offer some light-hearted entertainment at our Caregiver Café.

We invite you to take few moments to tour the website, enjoy the arts and crafts, and learn more about MICA. In addition, would you kindly support our celebration by inviting others you know to visit our virtual event – a flyer is attached to do just that!

In closing, be well and be safe, with our thanks ……

See the website here: https://www.micaontario.com/VAIP/

Introduction to MICA’s ART in the Park