Barry Froats

Barry Froats

Artist’s statement

I’m hoping my book Love and Why will be helpful to the readers.  When I was creating my books I would often ponder will this book be necessary to read.  Some say its make believe and that I made it up in my own mind.  But if you were to learn the Honest Truth as is mentioned in the book you would understand where I’m coming from and just how truthful are my words.

Some of my words could be important when it comes to understanding love and why we should love.  I find a good word to describe love would be amazing.  When you read you’ll understand why love is so important in our daily lives.  You can’t beat love so why bother trying.  You might run into some repetition in the book, but I’ll try and minimize.

May love be with you

Always and forever.

Areas of interest

  • Writing
  • Poetry
  • Photography  

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The title for the book is what its all about. Love and Why we should Love.  I dabble a bit about Hate.  The book I hope will have a positive reaction for those who read it.

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