Dan Tidy

Dan Tidy

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Hello I am a poet. My name is Danny Tidy. I write science fiction and action adventure. I hope you enjoy the poetry.

On TV one time, I saw Rodger Moore on interview say his kids were mistaken for girls cause they were pretty and at war museum my friend Drew was mistaken for a girl by commissionair.

Bond girls only do one movie

The curse of bond girl, MI5 is



February 2, 2021

Lonely rivers go where I must go

Someday I’ll see what it means to me

Time draws near I am lost at sea come

Now whisper I am free, I never really tried

Till halos comets sighed, at all I ever

Was never good enough, until the days

Draw near I am travelers fear, where

Not had come home to what they left to

Rome, a 1000 reckless nights on autumns

Ancient flights, that forever was meant

To be. As long as I am free, I never took

The chalice to your golden palace. In

Sands of reckless dawns I awaited your

Songs. Crying I need the love I never

Lost since I’m yours the heaven I


With gold and silver drawn on peace,

It echoes on, trade malice and envy

Due and it wagers I love you, for forever

Is a wish of one endless kiss, for 40

Duckets pay, what I meant to say gathered

On beaches were my folds of eurchants

Wisdom, sold it never ever took, what

I forbade to look, a grimace of heaven

Stole, a voice crying bold. I am now here

To stay come what will or may, for 1000

Strong I found on heathens sword. I

Wrought a treasure brash and bold, a 1000

Night stole, come to me my mind of truth,

I am but a proof of a song I sing to you,

Unchained hearts where I belong

A tearful endless song.

In these hearts so glad, righteous

Bros are songs so sad, I gather up

Your loss and give a final toss, in years

I have waited 20 or more fetters gated,

Of ivory and pumace Q, I am loving you,

For in this mighty city the cost of life

Is dearly, that barters merchants tongue

If you are ever won, I am 40 strides

Of worth you cannot buy, it only comes

And goes, as freedom you did know, i

Am the truth I should to heavens, no one

Is myn within these curtains and walls,

So sleek I am tenders cheek, I trade a

Spy to love it comes like a dove,

So take a widows spy and on this begin

To cry.

For wedlock I have spoken, to you I

Am awoken, that time means so much

In truth the love is lust until an evil

Curse, unlocks the wisdoms worth, to

Pay a wicked price when all we had

Was vice, now the comets due, to rage

The hell into for forever is a song.

You never really won until it was

Good bye and tears I never lied, that i

Am yours alone and on high I was born

To bright in breaths fire the steps grew

Ever higher till summits I did reach

On last and golden beach, I am yours for

Now and forever is a vow I can only

Break when time is the love we make.

For on high I should to war I am

Soldiers for, to speak of in the want,

To trade a worthy song, for an endless

Kiss until it is just you I miss and come

To take romance to a greater chance

Of eire metter throngs, who wager i

Am longed to be the one you choose,

Until I am yours to rule, over guiltless

Bells of weddings or of hell. Take me

To a rose, who’s scents are mine to

And fro, for I have come to be yours

Endlessly, a mask I wear to hate and

Another I buy to late, to see if yours

Or mine come hither or come time,

It is all it ever costs, for now is all

I bought.

And I am here today and it is always

Stayed, a promise I did keep. To wait

For you alone my dear and now I am at the

Church, with you to break this curse

Of evil endless words to trade for wicked

Touch and highest held romance is trust,

I came with no chains of lust, until

I broke the metal of ivy scented

Letter, I am yours because I have

Lost the laws of endless curse of

Endless church. I am your wicked

Temple, and yours is mine to render.

To highest hopes and dreams, we are

What they mean, that in the end we

Win, cause love is our only sin, awake

My little dear, I am yours and your my

Forever joyous tears.



I fold a hand to deal a bet

2 out of 3 could not let, so in

majesty service dined, a fire of

silver ebony signed, do a proper

favor doll, for a series of fortune

call, and I’ll see you in heavens eyes,

only hell was the sum I lied, double

07 wins the nigh, never seal what

I spyed, one for now, one for late.

Gaze and report faster the date, so

The little angel sighed, let me in

Or I’ll buy, a wit of sacred

Memory’s due, Connery the Jester

Ain’t it true.


So I talley a wedded slate

Are you here to be the date, no scare

No sin no laughter why, until the

Hell rebuked I, none of sarcasm

To even score, just a riddle out

Of door, 07 double O and luck, she

Defamed my solemn pledge I loved,

So a tear to prosper mate, look out

Your faster to feel my hate; a

Whimsical romance an idel time

Pierce Bronson wedded mine

So as guns and bombs explode.

Its secret agent double 07

And foe, light the sky as evil takes

Flight, a pearl, a gem, a rose



I loved beneath the coral sea,

And fhew a crimson destiny,

No one took no one saw,

A blade of grass the only law,

She purred and wined a deamon scroll,

I wished I knew, to her the role,

She gave a kiss to ebb her time

A night of fortress mystery I find,

I glanced her charity above the ball

A maiden cloven hair enthralled

So weave a metal out of luck, one

More danse is all sin was, 2 of a

Kind, all time high, one more faster

One more spy, so adieu to fate

Delay, I was the riddle damsel

Couldn’t play.


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