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Big Bucket Band

The Big Bucket Band grew out of a music appreciation program set up by Salus Ottawa.
Within a few months, a band formed.    It only exists because of its active and alumni members.

Current band membership

Mark Priest

“Get things going! Make good music keep busy and further my career”

Andrew Nutby

“Playing drums with the BBB gives me a sense of belonging, a reason to be. I can be creative. I find it to be truly inspiring.”

Mary Leigh Simpson

“I have been on disability for many years and am unable to do physical activities. Singing has always been a passion for me so when I met the band 5 years ago at a Creative Cafe at Regina Towers I was able to reintroduce myself to the world of music. Being with the BBB has offered me a creative outlet that I really don’t know that I could succeed at alone. I look forward to practices and gigs and am proud of the accomplishments and confidence I have gained. I have a purpose.”

Bruce Potter

“I learn more and more from my band mates every day and am loosing my fear of playing in public. I respect fully the power of art and music more and more every day!”

Tim James
Guitar, Vocals

“The big Bucket Band is a chance to improve skills and make music through group participation. Since I’ve been in the band I think I’ve improved as a musician.”

To book the band for an event or party please contact: Bruce Potter